Welcome to CS2

Computer Science Community Service (CS2 for short) is a student-run, volunteer organization dedicated to teaching computer skills in the community, often focusing on bridging the ever-widening digital divide.

Group of students

CS2 provides a great opportunity for students of all majors to use their knowledge of computers and belief in Ut Prosim to improve their local communities. The organization does everything from building and administering computer labs for youth and technology centers to creating computer clubs in local elementary schools to teach children computer skills. The members are dedicated to the cause of bettering their surrounding, and because of this, CS2 continues to grow each semester.

Members do not pay any dues to join and there are no traditional fundraisers to raise money. Instead, CS2 pursues grants and donations from companies, other organizations, and the university to fund its cause. Without such donations, CS2 would cease to do the great things that it has done in the past!